Flower Bouquets & Arrangements

Are you looking for some affordable fresh flowers to gift your loved one today?

We package the most beautiful flowers because we believe in spoiling the people who matter most to us.

There are different options available for you. You can get your flowers wrapped in white kraft paper and carefully wet wrapped to keep them fresh during delivery. Also, you can choose from one of our vases, a super cute flower arrangement.

What flower bouquet color are you thinking about? There are rustic pink tones of either hot or soft pink; burgundy; orange and yellow; white, and numerous other colors with different shades and in various sizes. When it comes to our flower arrangements, you can rest assured that they are made without floral foam and are eco-friendly! 

Flower bouquets are an excellent choice for a date, birthday surprise, anniversary celebration, work promotion gift, and any occasion that will make that person genuinely smile.

Don’t worry about any delays as we operate on same-day flower bouquet deliveries on orders before 10 am. We're happy to let you know that you’ve also got free delivery for the addresses in the City of Monash, Knox, Whitehorse, and Maroondah when you purchase our flower bouquet.

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What’s the difference between a flower bouquet and an arrangement?

Flower bouquets differ from arrangements in their pricing, and however, it depends on the flowers used and the designs that come with the flowers. When it comes to creating that beautiful moment, you can either go simple with a flower bouquet or go all out with a flower arrangement which will require more time to complete. 

Whereas a flower bouquet involves the selection of flowers and grouping them into a bunch, a flower arrangement is a decorative assortment of flowers arranged in a vase.

You might be more inclined to give a flower arrangement than a flower bouquet for a housewarming party. But for a wedding proposal, you would be more willing to give out a cute flower bouquet to your fiancé than a flower arrangement.

When should I send a flower bouquet?

You can send it on a momentous occasion for the special person, e.g., birthday, promotion, etc. You could randomly surprise the person with a flower bouquet and lift their mood.

If you’re spurred on to make an order for a flower bouquet on that day, ensure you do so before 10 am to ensure it is delivered on that day!

Thinking of what to get your lover for valentine, we’ve got some ideas!

Why not send The Big Bloom Theory flower bouquet? We’ve got the flower arrangement they would love.

Take celebrations to the next level when planning a birthday party or a surprise with our flower arrangements. You can have our beautiful flower bouquets lined along a pathway as you sing the birthday song and create beautiful memories.

Don’t worry about your location with us! We deliver our flower bouquets across Melbourne and ensure that you get your bouquets at the earliest time possible. 

How to maintain a flower bouquet?

To maintain your flower bouquet, you would need to follow these steps:

  • Remove the White Kraft Paper
  • Get a Vase
  • Fill it up with room temperature water
  • Identify and cut the stems of the flower bouquet under running water
  • Take out the leaves below the stem
  • Place the flower bouquet in a vase away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

And that’s it!

You will find more information from our Bloom Care instructions.

How long do bouquet flowers usually last?

They can last for days but start losing their freshness from day 7. However, it is essential to note that this timing varies depending on the type of flower, as different flowers require different forms of care. 

So keep an eye out for your flower bouquet, and once you notice it’s not as fresh as you’d want it, just order a new one from us! We always have something new each month.

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