Collection: Valentine's Day Flowers

14th Feb - Order by 4 pm (unless sold out) for same-day delivery

 - Delivery from 8 am till 8 pm, 

 - Order before 2 pm,  accepting all suburbs listed.

 - Order after 2 pm only delivery to City of Knox and Maroondah 

# Only Valentine's Day Collections is available on the 13th and 14th of Feb 2022

Show your love by sending valentines flowers

How can you demonstrate your love using valentine’s flowers? Go through our collection to pick and order for your loved one.

You don’t have to worry about delivery delays as we also run same-day deliveries on orders before 10 am. Be rest assured your loved one will light up with a smile on that day.

Should I send Valentine’s day roses or flowers?

This depends on the message you want to tell your loved one.

Did you know that Roses have different colors? A red rose talks of desire, a white rose speaks of innocence with a bit of “I miss you,” pink rose words of admiration and gratitude, a yellow rose talks about friendship.

This is just within the rose family. You also have various shades with different meanings when it comes to other Valentine flowers. What truly matters on Valentine’s Day is what you feel for the other person. Find the Valentine flower or rose that matches that feeling, and you’re on the right track! And we’ve got you covered with our speedy valentine’s day flower delivery.

How do I know what valentine’s day flowers to pick for my Loved one?

Think back on a special romantic occasion in your past and remind your loved one of those fond memories with Valentine’s flowers. This will take both of you down memory lane back to the times you first met and all that has gone down till the present moment. You’ll remember the beginning of your love and look forward to the future together.

Don’t worry about your location; we deliver Valentine’s Day flowers to you across Melbourne!

How many flowers should you give on Valentine’s Day?

One Valentine’s Flower is used on Valentine’s Day to show that the person is really special just as much as that one flower. Three Valentine’s roses or 12 roses can be used to demonstrate your love for the person, saying the three magic words, “I love you.”

A unique trick you can try is to send out 11 Valentine’s flowers to your loved one with a message stating how you’re missing a flower in your bunch. And that, the person is the missing flower you’ve been searching for. Watch that message light a smile on their face.

What are the Best Valentine Flowers to get for my Loved One?

A great classic that works anytime is a Rose, specifically the Red Rose, which communicates your desire for the special one. Another great choice is a purple orchid that signifies a delicate beauty- you would agree that your lover would be blushing with such a gift with the right words. 

Other Valentine’s flowers demonstrate your love similar to the Red Rose, is the lily signifying passion; Pink tulip shows your affection, or even Dark red carnations stand out to convey your deep love and admiration.

What will you be gifting your significant other on Valentine’s Day?


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