Bloom Care

UNWRAP Congratulations on receiving a bouquet of fresh cut flowers from The Big Bloom Theory. If you have received your flowers at work, you can leave them wrapped until you get home as their stems are protected with wet wrap. When you are ready to place them in a vase remove all wrap and packaging.

CLEAN Clean the flower stems. Stripping all the leaves below the water level will stop bacteria growing in the water.

CUT Cut the stems at an angle so that the stems won't sit flat on the bottom of the vase as this may stop the water uptake through the stems.

VASE Select a vase that is the right size for your flowers. We try to keep the height of the vase 40 to 60% of the height of your bouquet (and always make sure it is clean. Bacteria is the worst enemy of fresh flowers).

WATER Fill the vase with tap water. There is no need to add anything to the water just make sure it is clean and at room temperature! Arrange the flowers in the vase. You can leave the string that is tying the stems together or remove it if you would prefer a looser look for your floral display.

POSITION Place your flowers in a favourite spot. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, bright light and draughts as these could wilt your flowers. Place your flowers somewhere that you can admire your beautiful vase. But remember to avoid heat, direct sunlight, windows and strong draughts. Flowers will last longer in a cool room and if you keep them out of direct sunlight. Avoid placing them near appliances that generate high or low temperatures like the stove, air conditioner, ceiling fans, and even your computer or TV. And here’s a little insider tip – don’t stand them near the fruit bowl – the ethylene gas let off from fresh fruit can cut seriously cut the lifespan of your flowers.

ADMIRE Arrange your flowers and sit back and enjoy the view. Replenish the water frequently. Change the water entirely every 2-3 days to prolong the life of your blooms.