I want to send flowers at the weekend, can you help?

Sorry, if we don't offer delivery on the date you prefer please contact us at 0478 262 094 or customercare@thebigbloomtheory.com.au. We will endeavour to fulfil your needs. 

When’s the order deadline for today’s flowers?

It usually happens around 10am. Please contact us at 0478 262 094 if you wish to place a same day order after the cut off time. We will do our best to help you.

What if I want to send for another day?

You can select ‘send on a later date’ to order Flowers for someone one or more days in advance. The flowers will be different from today’s flowers, but just as beautiful. And the best thing is you’ll know your order is locked in.

Can I get my flowers delivered at a specific time of day?

Unfortunately we’re not able to do timed deliveries as our couriers go via the most efficient route on the day. It’s good for the environment and it helps keep the price of our flowers down, which is just the way we like it. All office will be delivered before 5pm. Schools will be delivered before 3pm. For residential, the flowers will be delivery before 7pm.

Please leave a note if the delivering to an office or school. All ordered will be treated as residential by default.

When will my flowers be delivered?

If your flowers haven’t arrived yet, don’t worry. As our couriers deliver by the most efficient route on the day, we can’t give exact delivery times. Our first orders are dispatched around midday and the majority are completed by 4.30pm. The very latest your flowers will be delivered is by 5.00pm to businesses and 7pm to residential addresses. You will be notified by email or phone if there is a problem.

How do I know my flowers have been delivered?

When your order is complete, you’ll receive an email to confirm your flowers have been safely delivered. This might come in slightly later than the actual time delivered because our couriers are bad at riding bikes and typing at the same time.

Help! There’s a problem with my order or I have put the wrong address in my order! What can I do?

OK, don’t panic. First, email us as soon as you can. Put ‘Help’ in the title if you think it will, well, ‘help’. We know that sometimes a recipient leaves work early, is sick or has moved offices. Because we operate on super-quick turn around times, we really need 24 hours notice to change or cancel an order. But if you’re nice and the flowers haven’t already left the building, we’ll do our best to accommodate any change. You can reach us at service@thebigbloomtheory.com.au. 

What if no one is attended at the delivery address?

If no one can receive the flowers at the delivery address. For residential addresses the flowers will be left outside the door if there is a safe place. For business, schools or there isn't a safe place (such as apartments), the flowers will be taken back. We will contact you to arrange a second delivery.  However, a delivery fee will be charged for the second delivery.